Topic: Emergency Care Of Women and Children in the Out of Hospital Setting LEARNING OUTCOMES; 2) Review national & local guidelines that facilitate effective resusciatation of physiological support of pregnant women. – guidance is that the resus guidelines can be in bullet point format due to restriced word count. 4) Have a working knowledge or pre and post natal obstetric complications and how to manange these confidently in practice. – Guidance is to pick a complication and focus on management of this through pregnancy and delivery. FURTHER GUIDANCE Consider what are the guidelines, national & local. Evidence based approach to literature to support focus. How do they engage with supporting pregnant women. What physiological changes happen? Do we treat pregnant women differently? Consider the pre and post natal complications. Common themes. Consider pre disposing factors How do we manage women with obstetric emergencies confidentially in the practice setting? Currently 1 writers are viewing this order Request order Request deadline extension till Choose your reason Date 25/03/2016 … Time 09 10 © 2005–2016 “” Privacy policy

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