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How to ace ACTs

All four-year colleges and universities administer ACT. The test is both paper and computer-based. The aim is to test four skills in the academic field. The skill domain includes English, mathematics, reading, and rational thinking. American College Testing (ACT) conducts the test. The exam is crucial since it is intended to measure the readiness of a student to join college. Therefore, many students, to avoid failing the exam, seek the services of a professional ACT essay tutor. Koenig & Detterman (2008) highlight that passing of an ACT is a chief concern among adolescents.

Writing is a complex thing for college students, and hence, one can understand why a student seeking college admission would find it troublesome.

The realization of the gap–that these students need help has engendered specialists for the essays. The number of students taking the test is high. The high numbers occasion the high demand for essay tutors. The article aims to provide both parents and students a guide on how to find a competent essay tutor. Because of the high demand–of course seasonal, it is apt that get a tutor promptly is laborious. Therefore, a student or a parent who intends to engage a professional tutor should do it in advance.

Whether the search is online or offline, it should be timely. For this type of tutor, a physically accessed one is the best. Face-to-face interaction between a tutor and a student works best.

What to do

A student or a parent should contemplate the experience of a tutor. How many students a tutor has helped successfully should be a cardinal concern. It could be a tall order to substantiate the statistics of a potential tutor. Thus, the best way of arriving at an excellent tutor is through referrals. A student or parent who has worked with an essay tutor is the best to ask for a reference. Searching for a tutor through referrals has manifold benefits.

The pros include time-saving, cost-effective, reliable tutors, among others. The searching process is fast and short, thus time-effective. Searching for aimlessly could be cost-intensive. However, through referrals, the cost is significantly reduced. The reliability aspect is manifest. Because a referral recommends someone they have worked with, a student or a parent can trust such a tutor. To sum it up, a student or a parent should seek extensive information about ACT essay tutors.


Koenig, K. A., Frey, M. C., & Detterman, D. K. (2008). ACT and general cognitive ability. Intelligence, 36 (2), 153-160.

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