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Law Schools In NYC

New York City (NYC) is one of the most attractive cities in the world. It also is the most populous city in the US. Facilities, like learning institutions in densely populated cities, are plenty. Law is one of the hotly pursued careers in the world. People have a perception that law is a career for the elites. In New York City, there are approximately 15 law schools. The number shows that there are opportunities for bar exam essay tutors. Law students, just like all others, struggle in some areas. Essay writing poses problems to law students as well.

Bar exams are critical, and without passing the test, it cannot license a law graduate to practice law. As suggested by Blackmar (1974), there have been controversies that the bar examination system is antiquated. What stands true is that students preparing for bar exams are always apprehensive. Therefore, an essay tutor who is considering growing his/her career should contemplate removing to NYC.

Law Students and Tutoring Them For The Bar Exam

Before making a final resolution to move to the city, there are several things a tutor needs to know. People have different perceptions regarding exclusive tutoring. While some view it as expensive and unaffordable, others feel it is unnecessary. Students pursuing certain careers like law are egoistic, and they would never consider hiring a private instructor. Therefore, as a tutor, one should be ready to handle such varied perceptions.

Lawyers are sensitive, and for a tutor to be successful, he/she would need to be very modest. An instructor considering bar exam essay tutoring in NY should note the city’s ethnic diversity. NYC is the most ethnically variegated city. The factor is vital because of the issues of dialect. Considering that many people are English speaking, a tutor whose dialect is consistent with the generality should be more optimistic.

There are other factors that a tutor should contemplate before removing to NYC in search of a bar exam essay tutoring opportunity. These include the cost of living, which could be higher compared to other cities, the level of experience required, how law schools are spread-out, etc. A tutor should research these and other elements before making a final decision.

On the whole, opportunities in bar exam essay tutoring are there in NYC. However, any ambitious tutor should do a thorough investigation of the dynamics of the city.


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