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Colleges hire essay tutors to guide students in essay writing. The labour market is overflowing with graduate tutors. Therefore, it is a strenuous exercise to identify the best candidate to fill a vacant essay tutor position. It is necessary to apply the right mechanisms when recruiting a tutor. A half-baked process yields unsatisfactory results. Like any other recruitment process, the application of the hiring procedure is imperative. The human resources department of a college handles the task. This aims to provide a guide to follow when hiring a college essay tutor.

The first thing should identify the vacant position. Several factors can occasion an opening. The reasons include the resignation of a tutor, growth in the population of students, an involuntary exit of a tutor (such as dismissal), among others. Upon identifying a gap that needs filling, a college through the HR department should construct job specifications. These enlarge upon the characteristics of an ideal candidate. Using the requirements, advertisement of the job should ensue. The announcement can be internal or external. An internal advertisement is appropriate if they are qualified people within a college. As Bidwell (2011) suggests, staff hired internally perform remarkably better in the first two years. In contrast, it takes a longer time for external employees to perform at high levels.

Upon the announcement of a job, applicants trickle in. A college should give applicants sufficient time to send in their job prayers. At the end of the provided timeframe, the HR department should select the most suitable for interviewing. The inviting of elected applicants for interviews should ensue. At the end of the interview process, a college should get a competent tutor. It is important to note that a college must conduct a thorough background check before making the final decision. Formally engaging the tutor is critical; the signing of employment contract, employee handbook, etc. Finally, the college should take time to induct the new tutor. During the orientation, a tutor should familiarize with his/her workstation. He/she should meet his/her colleagues and students. By following such a simple and elaborate procedure, a college eliminates the possibility of hiring quacks. Some people consider professional hiring as a thing for big corporations. Professionally hiring a college tutor is worth it.


Bidwell, M. (2011). Paying more to get less: The effects of external hiring versus internal mobility. Administrative Science Quarterly56 (3), 369-407.

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