Why is Upwork declining academic writing job posts?

Are you looking to hire an academic tutor on Upwork, but the job post got declined?

You have landed on the right page.

This article will explain why Upwork will not let you hire an academic essay writer on Upwork if you are looking for an educated ghostwriter.

I am an essay tutor on upwork. I tutor students to write excellent essays.

Students who post jobs with the tag “academic writing” with a desire to hire a tutoring service may land on my profile with the help of the website algorithm.

But, whenever I send a proposal to that job post, Upwork will send me a notification saying they decline the job post.

Below is a notification from Upwork.

I believe that Upwork should make a clear distinction between essay tutoring and essay ghostwriting.

The Upwork terms of service label this kind of job post as a violation of academic integrity because Upwork will understand that you want to hire someone to write your academic papers.

Once the system detects that you have selected the academic writing category/tag, the job post will be automatically deleted from the marketplace even you desired to hire an essay tutor and not necessarily an academic ghostwriter.

According to their terms of service, Jobs that violate the academic policies of any educational institution are not allowed on Upwork.

You can check Upwork Terms of Use for more information here.

Specifically regarding academic writing, the following is the prohibited use of the Upwork.

“A service that violates academic or professional policies or standards, including activities that involve passing off academic or professional work of another as one’s own, such as academic ghostwriting or taking academic or professional tests or certifications on another’s behalf.”

We, freelancers, are encouraged to flag academic ghostwriting job posts. The Upwork team will review and take appropriate actions, including deleting them from the marketplace and suspending client profiles from using the website.

I am sure that writing for academic (professional) journals by researchers is common in some fields as long as the idea belongs to the student.

I am also advised that less formal forms of writing such as white papers might in some cases be considered academic ghostwriting based on their audience and their need for cited sources hence not illegal.

My research shows me that many visitors on Upwork seek experts to edit their academic papers, which often include the academic writing tag. In my view, this is not a fraud because the student merely wants help in improving an already written article.

My advice is that if you are genuine about your job post and you are looking to hire an essay tutor, try to repost the job post and choose another tag other than the academic writing tag.




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